About Us


The mission of authenticWEB is to help businesses convey their stories and messages - their authentic messages - and help them grow.


authenticWEB was started by Ian Garlic and Jessica Curry — fueled by the idea that businesses could evolve and grow through the web. They realized that every small business has a unique story, and unique value to its clients. They also saw that most marketing professionals often treat businesses like products. In doing so, these marketing professionals lose opportunities, and find themselves unable to convey the businesses’ message.

authenticWEB is a combination of ideas. It is the cultivation of stories that ring true, combined with the science and art of online marketing. In its current form, it brings together video production, website design, social media, and search engine optimization (SEO).


Despite having grown into a national company with hundreds of clients, authenticWEB remains true to it’s core values – fostering an environment of growth and innovation, as well as a sense of community.