Lifetime Wellness Program launched in Jacksonville

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of the redesigned Lifetime Wellness Program website! The Lifetime Wellness Program is the leading health and weight-loss program in Jacksonville, FL created by Dr. Foss. This website redesign features a modern, user-friendly design, updated written content, and video integration!

Updated design

The design team at authenticWEB redesigned the Lifetime Wellness website to emphasize the importance of health. With pleasant, easy to read branding that highlights the programs natural focus, the website makes it easy to learn more about the program. The homepage features quotes from real-life clients, and the process is laid out clearly for first-time viewers. A convenient header makes it easy to schedule an appointment from any page on the website!

New Success Story Page

The new success story page on the Lifetime Wellness Program showcases client success in their own words. Through video case stories, visitors can hear how the Lifetime Wellness Program make a positive change in real-life clients. These case stories feature recorded interviews with past clients as well as their positive experiences with Dr. Foss and his team.

Responsive Design Functionality

It’s important for modern websites to be accessible via mobile devices. The new Lifetime Wellness Program is completely mobile-responsive, and it’s easy to navigate the website from any screen size. No matter if the website is viewed on a large desktop or a small smartphone, the page is easy to read and access.

Online Video

Finally, the video team at authenticWEB created stunning video of Dr. Foss and his team to promote his new program. His videos outline his experience helping others in the community as well as the technology behind his health program. These videos are embedded throughout his website to tell the story of the Lifetime Wellness Program.

About the Lifetime Wellness Program:

The Lifetime Wellness Program was created by Dr. Foss to offer weight-loss programs to Jacksonville and beyond. The Lifetime Wellness Program is not a fad program. It is a lifestyle change that heals the body from the inside out. The Lifetime Wellness Program has helped countless people lead their best lives.