Lonestar Progressive Medicine New Website Launched

We are excited to announce the launch of the new website for Lone Star Progressive Medicine in Burleson Texas! The team at authenticWEB created a website for Dr. Brandon Pettke and his team which focuses on the expansion of their chiropractic services with stem cell therapy. Lonestar Progressive hired authenticWEB to build a new website which focused on stem cell treatment.

Video Integration

Case Story Videos are an important tool when creating relationships, especially for doctors and new patients. Our team understands stem cell therapy is a new treatment and we wanted to ensure visitors of the site are well educated on the powerful therapy.

The video team incorporated case stories from the previous patient’s into video’s so visitors can hear firsthand how their lives have transformed because of stem cell therapy. This way new patients are already familiar with Dr. Brandon Pettke and the medical team at Lonestar Progressive before their consultation.

The video integration allows visitors to be educated with their initial questions answered before scheduling their first appointment. The authenticWEB team encourages businesses to use story to build relationships with their patients before they walk through the door. The new website informs visitors on the various conditions stem cells can treat and the success stories.

Easy Navigation

The site has easy navigation buttons for scheduling appointments, the insurance accepted, and new patient paperwork.

With the quick navigation, feature new patients have the ability to schedule an appointment, download patient paperwork and begin their journey towards stem cell therapy freely on their own time, so they’re prepared when they do schedule a consultation.

We understand payments for stem cell therapy aren’t typically covered by most insurances, so authenticWEB created a page dedicated to the eligible insurances Lonestar Progressive accepts. Now, visitors have the ability to educate themselves about stem cell therapy before walking through the door just by clicking through the new site.

About Lonestar Progressive Medicine

Lonestar Progressive Medicine is the leader in the health and wellness in Burleson Texas. The values which built the practice are the following:

  • Our patients returning to health, and maintaining it, is our passion.
  • We believe an educated patient has the control to make the best health choices for their body.
  • True health is made up of mind, body, and spirit working incongruence.
  • We treat our patients like long-time friends or family members.
  • We respect our patient’s time and schedule.
  • We always bring our best.
  • We will laugh hard, loud, and often.
  • We will honor God, and the patients He has entrusted us to serve, with integrity.

For more information about the new features on Lonestar Progressive Medicine’s website, visit https://lonestarprogressivemedicine.com/