New Site Launched for Equity Search Inc.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the newly designed website for Equity Search Inc. Our team was tasked with developing a new long form layout design that improves the communication of the business story to engage potential clients.  We also have added the case story feature with video design animation, and mobile responsiveness to create easier navigation on mobile devices.

New Long Form Layout

One of the biggest changes made to the site was the new full-width long scrolling layout that improves communication of the businesses story and enhances opportunities to convert new clients. Content was created and placed with the goal of more effectively connecting clients to information they need while using video to increase Equity Search’s connection with new clients.

Newly Added Case Story Page

With the new case story page we created for the Equity Search Inc. site, users now can hear feedback from previous clients experiences at Equity Search Inc. The new case story page gives potential clients a little preview of what to expect and their overall successful experience they had with the tax and financial service. The page includes Animated Case Stories where the clients themselves share their story about their experiences at Equity Search Inc.

Mobile Responsive Design Functionality

Mobile responsive design was used to enhance the functionality of the site on different desktops and mobile devices. This enables the site to adjust to fit any size screen. This helps stabilize all the features and functions on the site and ensure the user experience is effective no matter the screen size. The redesign can be found here:

About Equity Search Inc.

Equity Search Inc offers clients long-term success. A tax problem is most often only a symptom of a bigger financial problem. They not only fix the tax problem but create a plan and strategy to get clients on the right track for financial success. These professionals have decades of experience in giving tax help and solutions to businesses and individuals.