Criminal Law Wilmington

Criminal Law Wilmington

Criminal Law Wilmington / Law Vegas

Sparrow Law Firm and Criminal Law Wilmington are both North Carolina based criminal defense attorneys. With experience in everything from traffic cases to first-degree murder cases, Michelle Sparrow and her team can confidently assist clients with all criminal legal matters. In this Case Story, authenticWEB showcases an instance where attorney Michelle Sparrow protected a client from a false restraining order and criminal case in a domestic dispute. By providing testimony from witnesses and including cross examination, the Sparrow Law Firm was able to clear her clients record quickly.

Criminal Law Wilmington / Marijuana

Michelle Sparrow has her client’s best interest at heart. She understands the detrimental effects of having a criminal record and she always fights to free her clients with her strong defence. authenticWEB highlighted a case in which the Sparrow Law Firm was able to get a case expunged by proving her client was innocent of all alleged charges through eyewitness accounts.

Criminal Law Wilmington / Medication Fraud

The Sparrow Law Firm has extensive experience with determining the best plan of action to take back control of your life. When presented with a client afraid of legal action after committing fraud to procure prescription medication, she helped find a rehabilitation facility to create a positive solution. authenticWEB interviews Michelle Sparrow on how she is able to help her client resolve even the most complicated legal problems.

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