David Veliz


This DCS video voices the hardships of a mother going through a divorce and fighting for custody. She just wanted what was best for her children. This mother thought sole custody was best for her and her family. David Veliz was able to get full custody, so her and her family can live a happy life. She even recommended David to her brother and David has helped them both tremendously. David understands divorces are hard on everyone and he is receptive and easy to talk to.

Project Details

Client David Veliz
ProductDynamic Case Story

Brad Raca

When Brad Raca and his wife began their divorce process, he needed to protect his assets. He trusted David Veliz to explain every step of the way. After going through the process with David Veliz, the judge signed off on his recommendation. Brad has nothing but good things to say about Mr. Veliz both in and out of the courtroom.

Imran Shams

Imran was battling falsified court documents from his ex-wife and didn’t know how to handle what was best for his daughter. He wanted to dissolve his marriage on his own and find a solution that was fair and justified for both parties. This is when he contacted The Veliz Law Firm. He still had to battle falsified documents, but David Veliz exposed the falsified documents and ensured the appropriate case to dissolve Imran’s marriage. Imran got the fair and justified case he deserved. The David Veliz Law Firm ensured a great result for him and his daughter. If you’re facing divorce or separation call Orlando divorce attorney, David Veliz at The David Veliz Law Firm.

Ian Machicote

After separating from his youngest son’s mother, Ian knew he needed to find a strong family attorney to help him navigate this complicated process. He struggled with navigating the legal system on his own, and the Veliz Law Firm really helped him create a plan. The process with attorney David Veliz was easy and effective. Even after his case was completed, he still continues to use the Veliz Law Firm when needed.

Antonia Ortiz

There is no greater pain a parent can endure than the loss of a child. The team at authenticWEB captured this unimaginable tragedy in this DCS. Antonia Ortiz’s life was turned upside down when she lost her daughter. Antonia had no way of accessing her daughter’s checking account which put her finances in a difficult situation. It was hard enough for Antonia to grieve a lost child, but when she wasn’t able to afford a nice funeral she couldn’t help but hit rock bottom. She couldn’t find an attorney to help her access her daughter’s accounts until she found David Veliz. Antonia was lost with no one to turn to, but David Veliz was the light at the end of the tunnel for her. Antonia is still grateful for David Veliz being the guide she needed when she was at rock bottom.


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