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Blackberry Service Issues…again. | Authentic Web Marketing SEO

Is your BlackBerry being affected by the recent service problems in Northern America? While not all customers may not have issues with their service the BlackBerry Reporter guesses that the Blackberry Internet Service, also known as BIS, could have been out of order for many hours and continues to have issues. Things don’t look good […]

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Kiwi: The New & Powerful Mac Twitter Client | Social Media Marketing

There are tons of Twitter and Social Media clients available out there but the options for the Mac are much more scarce. Within the past few weeks Socialite 1.0 was introduced by Realmac Software. It is a powerful app that manages mulitple social networks such as Twitter, RSS feeds, and Facebook feeds. But now there […]

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Facebook Feeds Now On Your Youtube Homepage | Authentic Web Marketing

The option to put your Facebook “feed” on your YouTube homepage is now available. It isn’t live on all accounts quite yet but you can enable it by enabling “Connect to Facebook” in your YouTube account settings. When you enable this option you will be sedning your YouTube ratings, uploads, and faves to Facebook. You […]

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Florida Judges Warned to Not Add Lawyers to their Facebook Friends | Social Media Managment for Attorneys

Mashable posted an article about The Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee arm of the Florida Supreme Court Judges in Florida’s ruling. It has ruled that lawyers are banned from becoming Facebook or Social Media “Friends” with Judges who they may appear before to avoid conflict of interest problems. Lawyers are still allowed to be a “Fan” […]

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Who owns your Facebook?

Who owns your Facebook data? Facebook claims that you own it. But what happens if you accidentally get too many friends in one day, chat on Facebook messenger too much, or join too many groups? Facebook can delete your account at any time, with good reason or not. Ignorance to their ever-changing Terms of Service […]

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