3 Ways to Increase Productivity

Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.

-Bo Jackson

Keep Track of Time

Too often we lose ourselves in our work with no way of knowing how much time we really spent doing something.  Knowing exactly how much time it takes to perform a specific task is very beneficial and will aid you in setting deadlines, managing time and becoming more efficient.  To avoid losing track of time, I recommend setting a timer for each task you set out to do.  Keep logs of how much time you spend on particular tasks and eventually you’ll have a better idea of how to improve your productivity.

Take Care of Yourself

We both know that sitting behind a desk for extended periods of time ( I’m talking over 2 hours ) is not good for productivity.  Sure you may feel like you are getting more done but are you really?  There are times when I set out to work all night on a particular project, get a lot done but subsequently lose all inclination to work on it the next day.  I think it’s also safe to assume that my productivity went down at 3:00am as anybody’s probably would.  The fact of the matter is, getting a good nights rest, exercising and taking breaks while you work are invaluable to becoming more productive.  Rather than sitting at your desk for two hours and trudging through a list of tasks you should instead focus on one task at a time, knock it out and then take a break.  We all deserve a break now and then.

Set Goals

I cannot stress enough the importance of setting goals for yourself or your business.  I’m not talking about dreams here; I am talking about goals.  Tangible, exciting goals that motivate you to get up in the morning.  Setting goals is essential to maintaining high productivity and if you don’t have any at the moment simply ask yourself where you want to be 5 years from now and go from there.