3 Ways to Boost Your Website’s Mobility


Is your website stuck to desktop? Google might reduce your ranking. On April 21st 2015, Google will start using Mobility of your website as an indicator of quality. Meaning if your website doesn’t pass this test, you could be reducing your ranking in Google as well as be tagged as not mobile-friendly. Here are three quick tips to make sure your website is mobile.

Make sure it’s legible

Google is now counting font size as one of the indicators of a mobile website. If you have to zoom to read any part of your website, then it may be time to dust off that CSS make your website’s font bigger. This does not mean making even your desktop’s font bigger. What it does mean is implementing the @media rule. The @media rule is used to define different styles for different media types. By having the @media defined to work only when the screen is smaller, it will only show a larger font on a smaller screen.

Make sure it’s well-spaced

No one like’s having to zoom a page just to be able to click a link. Accidently clicking a link and being taken to another page you had no intention of visiting, is a huge turn-off. So making sure your links are well-spaced is another indicator for Google to make sure your website is friendly to mobile users.

Make sure videos work

Seems simple right? But remember that each browser like’s a different video format. Google recommends the new HTML5 video tag. In this you should have the source options of MP4, WebM and OGG video. These three should cover most browsers and devices. As a side note, remember any flash based website will also not work on any Apple devices and this will be an indicator that your website is not mobile-friendly. (If your website is also built with Wix’s flash-based website builder, your website will not work on iPhones.)

Mobility For Your Business

As the number of smartphone users continues to climb higher from the current 1.75 billion worldwide, having a mobile presence is more important than ever. Mobility is not just a matter of seeing your website but having a site optimized for your mobile users, it is a matter of making it easier for them to find the information they need. authenticWEB uses the facts to create beautiful websites that even make beautiful experiences. Contact us today for a free consultation.