3 Ways You’re Turning Your Client Off

In the past, people would to get to know a business by walking in the door. They would do the old Meet and Greet, seeing you and your business in person. You would give a sunny smile, use sweet words and wear your Sunday best to impress your customers. As advertising increased, they may see a smiling face on a well-dressed body on a billboard or Yellow Pages ad. But times are changing: now your first impression is made without you even realizing. As soon as they click your URL and see your website, they are learning about your business and drawing their own conclusions. After all, an eCommerce study found that a user will decide whether they like your site in just 50 milliseconds. But is your website creating a good first impression?


A Running Page

Does your website run off on your clients? With smartphone ownership increasing to 61% of the population in the United States, having a mobile-friendly website is more important than ever. If your site is designed only for desktop viewers, your page may be running off the screen. This makes it more difficult for your users to find the important information.


A Loud Page

Does your website automatically play your videos? In the past, an auto-play video was an object of fascination in the privacy of your own house or office. Now with users on the move, having a blaring video play out of the blue is an object of shame. And instead of your users silencing the video, they are more likely to just exit out. In fact, a U.S. internet user opinion survey in September 2014 found that 53% percent of users dislike auto-play videos and a measly 15.2% actually like them.


A Chattering Page

Does your website have just too much content? Content is important; it is how you talk to your users so they get to know you. But no one likes a Chatty Cathy. Having a huge wall of text is daunting for any user. Time is a commodity and people are hesitant to invest time into someone they have just met. Creating ‘breathers’ in the flow of your page, makes your users less intimidated when viewing your website. Getting away from the wall of text is important; in fact only 16% of people read your site word for word and only remember 20% of what they read.


Orlando Web Design

Here at authenticWEB, we specialize at wooing your users. Our experienced Orlando website designers and SEO specialized content writers know what works to give your Sunday best to your clients. Using the newest web trends backed by actual data, we implement sites that work in attracting your soon-to-be clients.