3 Ways To Block Any Facebook Application: Farmville, Mafia Wars, Etc. | Orlando | New York SEO & Website Design

Facebook games are extremely popular. Farmville, a Facebook platform game, has 71,763 monthly active users and was named social networking game of the year. Mafia Wars has 25,303,930 monthly active users. All types of people from all walks of life log on to Facebook daily to not only check on their friends but to check on their farms, mafias, fish, and many other applications. Just because a lot of people enjoy these games there are those other people who are mainly just annoyed by their Facebook friends gaming updates and achievements.

If you are one of the friends that are being bombarded by your Facebook friends with game invites or information that you aren’t interested in you can easily block these applications…or any application that you do not want to join or see updates for. Here is three different ways to stop getting the updates you do not want.

Hide Application Notifications

The next time you receive a “update” from a friends application that you are not interested in simply move your mouse over the right side of the update notification as seen above. A “hide” button will appear, when it does click on it. Facebook will give you the option to hide all information from that friend or to hide just the application as seen below. Click on “Hide [Application Name]” or “Hide Wild Ones” in this example.

Hide Application

If you want block an application when someone sends you an invite you can simply find the smaller text below the invite that says “Block This Application” as seen below and click on it.

Block Application By Invitation

Another way to block an application is to go to the Facebook search bar and type in the application name. Go to the application’s fan page and find the “Block Application” button on the left hand side as seen below.

Hide By Application Page

If you accidentally block an application or ever change your mind about trying it simply go back to the application fan page and add the application. That will take it off of your blocked list.