38 Biggest SEO, Website and Online Video Mistakes Made by Personal Injury Law Firms

Finding Internet Marketing for  Personal Injury Attorneys Is Easy

It’s really easy to find information on internet marketing for attorneys. It’s really easy to find SEO and website design companies for your personal injury law firm. It’s also really easy to do it incredibly wrong. Big, reputable companies will take your money and deliver cookie cutter websites and SEO. I also have seen small companies show SEO and website results of other internet marketing companies. I know people have shown off our work at authenticWEB as theirs.

Personal injury law is very similar to internet marketing. There is very little barrier to entry and virtually anyone can put themselves out there as “an experienced professional”. You have seen people burnt by less than experienced personal injury attorneys and felt sad for them as their cases are now beyond your control.

DIY Internet Marketing for Personal Injury Law Firms

Also, many law firms have a DIY marketing mentality. What would you say to someone being their own lawyer? I thought so. It’s ok for when you get started, but you still need some guidance specific to your business.

Listen. I work in this every day. I write books on it. I write a blog on it. I regularly read 15 blogs on internet marketing. I speak on internet marketing regularly. Right now, I am involved in 45 active marketing projects. I still need help marketing myself.

As I meet with personal injury attorneys, I always uncover problems in their marketing. Some come from bad companies. Some come from the DIY mentality. Some are subtle but important points. In the process of reviewing possible candidates for my new F1 program for personal injury law firms, I have come across a lot of errors in internet marketing. There are certain mistakes in internet marketing for personal injury attorneys that should never happen.

I have narrowed it down to 38 mistakes made in websites, online video, social media and strategy. These are irrefutable points. I am launching descriptions of two of these per week.

Sign up for the series and fix two things per week to get the most from marketing your personal injury law firm. Many of these will work for any law firm. Many are personal injury specific. At the end of the series I will send you a checklist you can hand off to your internet marketing manager (that might be you?).

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