4 Tips to Improve Your Service Business Website

If you have a service business, you need a website. Today, the internet is swamped with service business websites competing for customer attention. The challenge in this inundated market is to stand out to your target customer as the best solution to their problem. This post will address simple ways you can improve your service business website to attract more leads and long-time customers.

Bill Fritton of Equity Search had struggled with organically gaining leads. Bill had worked with large web design companies in the past to optimize his service business website, but they fell short when it came to creating a website that converts visitors into customers. He needed a website that incorporated a seamless, easy-to-navigate design with a compelling marketing strategy.

After just a 45-minute session with Ian at authenticWEB, he was able to articulate the changes he needed on his website and marketing plan. From there, authenticWEB created a website that helps Equity Search generate leads and repeat business. The new website tells his clients success stories in a way that builds trust with prospective clients. Now, Bill feels confident in his website and his marketing strategy. Click here to learn more about how authenticWEB helped Equity Search achieve success.

authenticWEB understands the importance of incorporating your company message into every step of the process, ensuring you get the internet viewers full attention every time. Business service websites need to not only anticipate the needs of the customer but also the share the story of the company’s past success.

1. Focus on Stories

When you make the focus all about your service, you lose your audience. In the age of the Internet, people already have all the information they could need at their fingertips. They know about the services you offer, but they might not feel inspired enough to reach out about them.

You need to step into the mind of your ideal consumer. What do they want to know? How can you build trust with them? People are hesitant over the internet to give out information or to risk their hard earned money on something they aren’t completely confident about. It is your job as the business owner to make sure your prospective customers can learn more about your story.

While you might share more about your story on your about page, you might fail to include the most vital piece of information at all: your customers’ stories. Your customers have already been in your audience’s footsteps. They struggled with a problem you were able to solve for them, and that’s huge. Share your success stories on your website in an easy to find a way. Make them the star of the show, and you’ll reap the benefits.

2. Establish Credibility

Establishing credibility goes hand in hand with telling your story. People trust people they know more than people they don’t. Showcase your understanding of your industry on your website. This can be done through blog posts, email newsletters, and how-to videos.

If your audience is searching for you, then you likely already have the solution to their problem. Share insider knowledge, and propose solutions to their problems. If you’re a tax company, for instance, that specializes in assisting people with mediations with the IRS, share tips for preparing your own taxes. While it might seem counterproductive to share tips for your own industry, this establishes valuable trust so your audience will know you know what you’re talking about.

3. Incorporate Videos

More and more businesses are relying on videos to appeal to potential customers. Unlike a wall of text on a webpage or an email newsletter, video can connect with customers on a personal level. Incorporating videos into your business service website give your business a friendly face.

It’s much easier to trust a face you can recognize in a video rather than a wall of text on a blog or about page. For Bill Fritton of Equity Search, videos made a large impact in his conversion rate. Videos personalized his website by sharing the ways in which Equity Search can benefit different customers through a personalized process.

4. Design for Mobile

The way people interact with websites has changed in recent years with the rise of smartphone technology. Now, more people than ever are using their mobile device to research companies. This means business service websites need to be optimized for mobile so that potential customers can easily view information from the comfort of their phone.

To check if your website is mobile responsive, simply view your website from a mobile device like a phone or tablet. You can also test this with Google’s Mobile-Friendly search tool. If you need expert help, authenticWEB specializes in creating mobile responsive service business websites.

Improve Your Service Business Website

Your service business needs a website that understands the importance of quality customer service. Shift the focus from what you’re selling to your customer’s stories. A website that can anticipate potential questions before they arise while presenting a friendly, personal face through video will convert more customers. Speak to a web design and marketing professional at authenticWEB today to create a plan for improving your service business.

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