5 Tips for Video Interviews

So you’ve decided to shoot video for your business. Awesome! Video is an extremely powerful tool to increase website traffic, conversion, and client base.

The only thing you’re worried about is having to speak on camera. What if you look unprofessional? What if you sound stupid? What if you forget everything you were going to say?

This is a mindset many people face before appearing on camera. But don’t fret! Here are five tips for your video interview that can help put your mind at ease.

1. Wear comfortable clothes. If you work in a more casual environment, showing up to your interview in a suit and tie may make you more nervous than you already are. Wear whatever you would on a regular day of work (unless you’re a sweatpants kind of person, and then maybe wear actual pants). Also, avoid wearing white and small prints. These will affect the video quality; white messes up the color balance while small prints often give off a strange “vibrating” effect. We suggest dark yet bold solid colors, such as black, red, or blue.

interview styles

2. Don’t over-prepare. It helps to at least consider your responses to questions beforehand, but if you script your answers you won’t seem authentic on camera due to your (lack of) micro-expressions. Definitely don’t hold notes in your lap during the interview, either. You’ll look down at the notes instead of up at the interviewer.

3. Don’t sit in a swivel chair or on a stool. A chair that spins is just begging for you to awkwardly swivel back and forth during the interview. You won’t be able to help it! People on stools tend to slouch more and more as the interview progresses. You want a to sit in a straight-back, comfortable chair that will stay facing your interviewer.

4. Tidy your office. If you’re being interviewed in your office, you don’t want a bunch of clutter and papers laying around. Your space doesn’t have to look immaculate, but you should at least empty the garbage, remove any lunch dishes, and organize your desk.

5. Don’t worry. It’s natural to be nervous before appearing on camera. We get it! But you’ll be talking about your business, and there is no one with more expertise in that area than you. If you stumble over your words, start over. The beauty of video is that we can cut out parts that don’t make sense. We can ask you the same question multiple times to get the right content. Don’t get flustered, don’t be embarrassed – you are the expert here!

A professional online video production company can help put your mind at ease, as well. At authenticWEB, we have experience working with all kinds of people and we’ve perfected the art of the video interview! Our video production team will make you feel comfortable and even make you forget the camera is even on. Interested in online video for your website? Call us today.