5 Ways to Speed Up Your Site


No one likes waiting. Your time is valuable so waiting for a website to load in a pinch is not a fun task. In fact Kissmetrics found that Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line: 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less and 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. So reducing your website’s load time is vital to any website.

Make Your Files Smaller

Seems simple right? The less your file load, the less amount of information that has to travel across the network. Some ways you can reduce your website’s size is by minifying your CSS and JS. These are the styling and the functionality of your website. By removing the extra spacing that is normally used to make it legible, you reduce the overall size of the file.

Optimize Your Images

Another way you can reduce the size of your website is by optimizing your images. It can be as simply as using images only as big as you need them or complicated enough to using an algorithm to compress your images. Some commonly used websites are Smushit, TinyPng, and JPEGmini.

Reduce Your Requests

Asking someone to do many tasks is something you expect time for them to accomplish. Your computer is no different, by compiling your information together to a single file, you reduce the amount of requests your computer has to make. Another way that is a bit more complicated is using CSS Sprites. They compile multiple images onto one page and use CSS to decipher which ones show where. This also reduces your computer’s task list.

Group in Likeness

We all know that switching between two different tasks is no easy thing. So why then would we expect our computers to be any better. By grouping files together or more specifically the CSS and the JS together, it allows it to process the requests quickly. It is also wise to place your CSS on the top so the website gets your styling and HTML loaded first, while placing your JS on the bottom so the functionality can be placed after the important stuff loads first.

Using a Content Delivery Network

A content delivery network is a collection of web servers that distribute across multiple locations. To put simply, imagine your website as a newspaper. Instead of sending a website to be delivered at the farthest locations and deal with a couple day delay in the news, you can have them printed in many different locations to be handed out there. A CDN reduces the amount of channels your website has to go through in order to be seen on a browser. There are a variety of free services (We use Cloudflare) that you can use to shave off seconds off your website, some perform the above ways to shorten even more time.

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