New Website Launched for L.A. Executive Body and Business Coach Thomas DeLauer

We are happy to announce the launch of OptimizeCEO, the new website for Thomas DeLauer, an L.A. Executive Body and Business Coach. Our team took on a modern, quality long-form design that helps viewers easily digest and engage in content.

New Design

Our team worked to emphasize both strength and endurance through the use of a bold, industrial design. By providing clear organization and placing attention on Thomas’s four pillars of success, viewers are enticed to connect through valuable content and his personal story.

Because Thomas is big on video, we wanted to showcase his professional videography. With a strong personal story that connects Thomas to his clients, we openly invited viewers in to see the possibilities that lay ahead.

By creating a full-width, long scrolling homepage, strong calls to action and a mobile responsive design that adapts to all devices, our team fulfilled Thomas’s needs while highlighting his story and therefore progressing viewers through the “know, like, trust” scale.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 9.49.04 AM

With strength, determination and persistence anything is possible; these are some of the aspects we aimed to communicate through design. The new website can be found at

“AuthenticWEB took the pressure off of me while getting up and running. I have a company to run, employees to look after, and a family at home, the last thing I needed was to stress out about my site and email sequences being launched properly. My team and I are thrilled to see OptimizeCEO finally come to fruition so that we can start helping busy business-minded people get in the best shape of their lives.”

About Thomas DeLauer

Thomas is a leading Body and Business Coach in Los Angeles, California. He has an indisputable work ethic to achieve a colossal level of success and production for his team, clients and ultimately himself. Thomas holds himself to the highest leadership qualities that sets a pace for all those around him, helping his clients become the ultimate version of themselves through optimizing their body, brain, and business.