Answering Q&A through Video a match made in heaven

Social media is a great way to make something ordinary and turn it into something¬†extraordinary! ¬†So instead of doing something one way let’s take it one step further and make it better. Now it is true that if something is not broken don’t fix it, but sometimes modifying a product and improving the effectiveness of the product is actually a good thing.

One example is Question and Answer of a site. F.A.Q.’s are very important to have, but let’s be honest they can be a bit dull and boring, especially if you end up reading a lot of information. Instead of staring at loads and long lines of text, wouldn’t it be better to have a video explaining and answering the question at hand. This way it’s unique, engaging and fun!

But do not get me wrong, text is also important, but you will find that by introducing video into your question and answer section of your website for example, will not only engage the viewer but it will had a lot of useful content to your site, and increase traffic flow to your site.

Now do not remove text answers all together, they are important to have for your site in regards to SEO, but the introduction of video is a nice touch that will not only update your site, but will make the experience that much richer for everyone involved.