Anticipated Web Trends of 2015

For those looking to get a new website (or to update your current one), you might be curious as to what is the newest trend for your soon-to-be-great website. Here are some the highly anticipated design trends for 2015 and what they mean for your business’s website.

Byte-Sized Information with Flat Design

Flat design seems to be expanding into next year. This minimalistic style benefits all types of businesses with its ability to take out the extraneous and group like information together to make it more palatable for consumers. Much like doctors who recommend taking smaller bites to allow better digestion, giving your customers byte-sized pieces allows your clients to comprehend your information better. This doesn’t mean skimping out but instead grouping it up in like-minded blurbs so that it becomes easier to find the information pertinent to your customers.

In combination with images to break up the words, it also allows viewers to better visualize what you’re conveying. You are effectively improving your chances that your clients will remember you first.

Words Unwritten with Video Backgrounds

Video backgrounds have also risen to popularity and seem to be striving into the next year. These dynamic backgrounds convey many words unwritten. This is beneficial to either adding a face to a company to make you seem more personable or relatable or it can be used to add a want.

Many of our clients are personal injury lawyers. One of the ways they could use a video header is to show some reels of them in the courtroom. Conveying an authoritative presence will add credence to claims of expertise in the field.

A Touching Story with Interactive Storytelling

Visual stories are one of the best ways to display information; in fact, the brain processes images 60x faster than words. So it isn’t enough to just write about your services – having images improves your chances of being remembered when a customer is looking for your service. Being able to interact with both the images and text? That changes the game. Being able to interact with the story that you are both reading and seeing will further cement your business in their minds.

Some of the forerunners in the business are changing their sites accordingly, like the well-known Nike brand or the lesser-known Bagigia, an Italian leather bag company. Letting the customer touch their way through your webpage while introducing the story behind your product as well as the benefits of your product will further ingrain you into your audience.

Leading your Customers to Content with Personalized User Experience

User Experience (UX) is the what your website’s visitors experience while using your site. A good UX improves customer satisfaction and loyalty to your business’s brand. A more recent website innovation is Personalized User Experience. Meaning that when a person visits a website, the website will change to fit their needs. So if we have a client going onto our website that is a personal injury lawyer, they will be see a website filled with content about how our websites benefit our lawyer clients. They might see case studies from other lawyers.

Meanwhile, if we have a company coming to our website looking for someone to film some video about their company, we might feature some previous work as well as information about our video discovery process. Personalized UX allows you to lead your customers to the services they need easily and quickly.

Orlando Website Design

It is important to anticipate trends and plan your websites accordingly. Each year, more research is found on the relationship between websites and users, allowing a professional web design company to implement the newest and most cutting-edge techniques to attract traffic to your business’s website.

If your website is dated, authenticWEB would be more than happy to talk to you about the latest and greatest new techniques to both drive traffic to your site and improve your site’s chance of wooing a new customer.