authenticWEB Upgrades the Hispanic Bar Association of Central Florida Website

From the Hispanic Bar Association of Central Florida:

kimberly Lopez Hispanic Bar Association of Central Florida President

“The Hispanic Bar Association of Central Florida owes great gratitude to Authentic WEB for the complete redesign of its website. Authentic WEB thoroughly engaged with executive board and general members to fully understand the group’s purpose and mission to ensure the delivery of an effective product. Team members (especially, Delainna and Ian!) remained responsive and helpful to all inquiries, suggestions and input throughout the process. Our redesigned website brings a modern feel while remaining fully functional and easily accessible to meet our members’ need. In the time we have worked with Authentic WEB our website traffic as exponentially increased, and we have been able to provide increased benefits to our members. Thank you, Authentic WEB!”

Kimberly Lopez (Hispanic Bar Association of Central Florida President)

Upgrading for performance and optimization

“HBACF’s new site, received a redesign that served to update and make the interface easier to use for both visitors and owners. The crisper design helps promote the professionalism for which the HBACF is known. In addition to the interface, the site was integrated into a better-supported and easier to use content-management system, allowing for HBACF to easily make changes and add content to their own site. We also provided a number of other services including search engine optimization-for improved search relevancy, CDN hosting-for reduced loading times, and improved security monitoring.”

Authentic WEB (Web Developer: Kyler Berry)

Hispanic Bar Association 1

A few of the key leaders of the Hispanic Bar Association of Central Florida are:

  • Kimberly Lopez (President)
  • Tiffany Faddis (President Elect)
  • Felipe Guerrero (Ex-Officio)
  • Gisela Laurent (Community Relations)
  • Henry Lim (Public Relations)

The Hispanic Bar Association of Central Florida’s Mission

The HBACF is a non-profit which stands ready to advocate for the rights of the Hispanic community and help Hispanics learn and understand their legal rights and gain greater access to the courts and the legal system. The HBACF is also committed to promoting a greater representation of Hispanics in leadership positions. These efforts include supporting Hispanics in becoming judges, lawyers, law professors, law students, civic leaders, and business owners.

Take a moment and visit the Hispanic Bar Association of Central Florida’s website.