authenticWEB Announces Launch of Their Newest Site for Attorney Wayne O’Bryan!

The team at authenticWEB is proud to announce the launch of our latest website for Richmond personal injury attorney Wayne O’Bryan!

With over 40 years experience in personal injury law, Wayne was a fabulous client to work with. In addition to being an excellent attorney, Wayne is an all-around ‘nice guy’ and prides himself on providing kind and helpful service to his own clients. Our team at authenticWEB worked closely with Wayne to develop a fully customized WordPress site, as well as employing SEO and online video production to drive traffic to the website. We love designing state-of-the-art websites for personal injury attorneys, and Wayne’s site was an awesome challenge for us to tackle!

A Fully Customized WordPress Design

Although WordPress has many customizable themes available for quick websites, the team at authenticWEB took the time to carefully design and then develop a fully customized site for Wayne O’Bryan. The home page uses a long-form style, encouraging potential clients to keep scrolling down and learning more about Wayne and his law firm. The home page also features client testimonials, videos, and Wayne’s radio ad!

An easy-to-use navigation menu at the top of every page allows potential clients to browse through categories such as Wayne’s practice areas, his case results, and frequently asked questions. The full width design of these pages are aesthetically appealing while still practical and easy to read.

“We wanted to make this site easy to use, while also making it look different from every other attorney’s website. By basing the home page on a long-form sales page, we hope to make Wayne’s site stand out from the crowd,” said Corey, our Associate Art Director.

The site is also completely responsive on mobile platforms, including smartphones and tablets. In today’s mobile world, this is an absolute must!

Authentic Online Videos

We flew up to Richmond to interview Wayne O’Bryan on camera. Our awesome video editor Bianca then took this footage and produced a total of 25 videos for the website! These videos include topics such as blog posts, FAQs, testimonials, and of course, an overview video about Wayne’s practice.

“Written content can be stolen and used on other sites. But with online videos, the content can never be stolen – because the content is you! ” said Amanda, our Content Developer.

Online videos for personal injury attorneys are great ways to easily connect with potential clients. It’s a proven science that when people see your face over and over again, they begin to develop a connection with you. (Think about popular TV shows – don’t you feel like your favorite characters are your friends, even though they don’t actually exist?) Additionally, by answering specific questions potential clients may have, online videos show those potential clients that you are experienced in the areas they need you to be.

The videos we produced for Wayne not only make him a familiar face, but also show that he is knowledgeable in all areas of the law!

Online Marketing for Personal Injury Attorneys

authenticWEB strives to deliver trend-setting online marketing for personal injury attorneys. Working with Wayne O’Bryan was a wonderful opportunity, and we loved designing a fully customized site for him! Of course, SEO is an ongoing process, so while Wayne’s site is currently ranked highly on Google for several important keywords, we will continue to hone our SEO process and optimize his site.

Check out the new website at!