authenticWEB Builds Website for Law Office of Kyle Watkins

We recently launched a new site for Kyle Watkins, a criminal defense attorney serving Bell County, Texas and the surrounding areas. An experienced criminal defense attorney, he specializes in criminal defense, DWI, military law and vehicular crimes. Kyle had no previous web presence, giving authenticWEB the chance to build his law practice, digitally, from the ground up.


“Starting from scratch leaves a world of design opportunity open. We really developed this website with the clients in mind, making the website as informational and easy to navigate as possible.”

Orlando Web Design for Defense Attorneys

Looking for a lawyer can be complicated, so our goal was to make the process as easy as possible for potential clients online.  The website has an informational, long-scrolling design that allows for maximum information retention through real-life storytelling.  The goal of the website is to convert and find new clients in need of the services Kyle provides.  The website is completely mobile compatible, making searching on-the-go as easy as searching at home. Along with the depth of information available on his website, we also wanted to give clients the chance to meet Kyle before a face-to-face introduction.  


To accomplish this, we added a video of Kyle himself, discussing past cases, the process someone wishing to be represented by him would go through and his philosophies on practicing law.  The videos tell a story and give clients a feeling that they’ve met Kyle before their first meeting.  Storytelling also ensures maximum information retention.  When choosing a lawyer, there is a lot of information to consider.  The more confident a potential client is in the information they’ve received, the more likely they are to feel comfortable with that legal representation.

Since the design of the website is predominantly informative, the addition of video maximizes that information retention and makes said information more accessible to more people.  Accessibility allows for the most amount of people to have the chance to understand what Kyle can do for them.  This then, meets our goal of the website converting and finding new clients.


If you’re looking to improve your web presence, authenticWEB can help. Contact our Orlando website design agency today to begin the process.