AuthenticWEB is Thrilled to Announce the Launch of Our Latest Website for Maitland Vision Center

The team at authenticWEB would like to announce the launch of our newest website for the Orlando optometrists at Maitland Vision Center.

Maitland Vision Center was started in 1971 by Dr. Robert Willson. Central Florida optometrists specializing in low vision problems, the company offers eye services from basic exams to advanced treatments. Maitland Vision Center’s unique approach to eye care allows them to interface with ophthalmologists, opticians, and other healthcare professionals.

We are excited to have worked with Maitland Vision Center. From start to finish, every decision has been taken with the client’s goals in mind — this is how authenticWEB works. Combining design, content optimization, SEO, video, and many more aspects of web development, we have designed a website crafted specially for Maitland Vision Center’s needs.

Professional Website Design

The new website features a simple yet stylish design, ensuring potential clients can easily navigate the site while consuming quality content. The site was designed specifically for Maitland Vision Center, exceeding all of their requirements and requests.

Authentic Video Blogs

In addition to an overview video of the optometrists at Maitland Vision Center, the new site boasts several authentic video blog posts. The professionally shot and edited videos answer common vision questions and address concerns such as buying glasses online and obtaining correct glasses prescriptions. The videos feature the optometrists speaking openly and honestly, with no scripts and no prompter.

Personalized SEO

Finally, the new website utilizes personalized SEO for optometrists to ensure  Maitland Vision Center is reaching their ideal clients. By implementing such strategies, Maitland Vision Center will be able to reach the top of competitive searches and thus reach more potential clients!

Visit the new website at