The Benefits of Sharing Small Business Videos on Facebook

Recently I talked about the benefits of sharing videos using Instagram. But one thing that should also be mentioned and looked into is a platform that shares approximately 60% of videos worldwide. Facebook is a heavy hitter when it comes to social media and as a lot of you maybe aware, a lot of people use it for posting information both professionally and personally.

Here are some facts and things to consider in order to make sharing video content with clients easier:

  • The less work a client has in trying to share your content, the easier it is for others share it as well.
  • Aside from YouTube, Facebook is the second largest referral source for video and is the most active social media platform, with 61.2% of Americans favoring it for sharing video content.
  • On-the-go content is needed more than ever – Mobile device use is steadily increasing in popularity as well as the need to have content accessible at a moments notice.
  • 17.9% of internet users share videos across their social feeds more than once a week

My rule of thumb is to allow videos to be exposed to as many viewers as possible. If you have not yet considered sharing your business videos on Facebook, I hope that these facts will encourage you to either start right now or add them into your 2015 Video Marketing Plan.