Bounce Rates on Your Office Website

What is a Bounce Rate?

The percentage of people that only visit one page on your website. They “bounce” off your site. One and done.


Who should worry about bounce rate?

People selling something on their site or businesses that have a specific goal in mind like signing up for a newsletter.  Then you want the site visitor to learn more then buy your product or set up.


Do I want a high or a low bounce rate?

If you are going to worry about it, you want a low bounce rate.  A low bounce rate means a low percentage of people are leaving after one page.



Should I be worried about my bounce rate?

In general I would say no.  I think you are better off spending time answering more questions in different ways.


Bounce Rates on websites for Professionals such as Lawyers, Dentists, and Doctors

We work with those offering services.  authenticWEB wants people to have as many call to inquire about your services as possible, whether a lawyer, a dentist, a doctor or a caterer.  We also want as many people to use your site for informational purposes as well, increasing your authority and possibility of a phone call later on.

This information that users might be looking for on an attorney website could be as complex as “What do I do if I have been indicted?” to as simple as directions your law practice.  If you are a professional your site, for the most part is not a transactional site.  You don’t want people to buy things, or necessarily spend a lot of time on there.  You want them to call you as fast as possible as finding an answer.  Or Email you.  There is no “sales funnel” in general.

Bounce rates will also depend on your type of services, whether it’s an immediate need ( just arrested) or a need with a long decision making process (want a divorce…maybe).  If you are a criminal defense attorney, you probably have a lot of clients that need someone now.  They might find out you handle Federal Criminal Defense Cases in Denver and call you up without going to another page.

If you are a cosmetic dentist, you might want people to learn about the difference between veneers and lumineers, as well as the advantages of sedation dentistry for cosmetics. Potential patients for veneers probably won’t find the veneers page and call you up.

If you have a strong referral base, then you might have a lot of people simply going to your bio page from search and calling you, yielding a bounce.  They don’t need to learn about you and your services because everyone said how great ou are.

Also, a potential client might have been to your site 4 times from 4 different devices, registering as 4 different users, before calling you.

In short, Bounce Rates for professionals is an extremely complex situation that will deliver low ROI for the time spent focusing on it.  If you are a small  dentist office, small law firm or small service provider, I would focus on other things.