The Cable Movie Mindset

Have you ever watched just parts of a movie on HBO, but later realized you eventually saw the entire film?

You may have seen the beginning, then near the end, then all different parts in nonlinear fashion.

There is always that scene that you see over and over.

You never really have time to finish the movie, or to find it and watch the beginning.

Eventually one day you decide to watch the film from start to finish.  You see the film/tv show in a different light having watched just parts.

If you really want to take your marketing to the next level, realize your potential client/patient/customer is experiencing your service like a cable movie.

Marketing is about creating or realizing demand (a problem) then providing supply (your service or product).

When someone is looking to solve their problem,  they might not even know the problem.  A person will wander around the internet, googling, reading blogs, and social media.  Then this person might hone in a little more, read a few different things, watch a few videos, peruse some social networks, some ratings.

Then your prospective client might decide they need help, and start to do research about who can help them.  This is completely different information needed, like a detective that now knows the game is afoot.

Imagine every piece of information they had seen up until now was a scene.

Having realized the problem, your potential client encounters much of the same information,the same scenes but sees it in a different light.  They may go back to the places they found those scenes to watch them again, or see how it plays out. If they remember it. Certain scenes keep playing over and over.

Now imagine if you starred in each scene along the way. How do you think this would change the client’s decision making process? How do you think this would change your relationship with them?

Here is one more thing to remember.  The movie does not end once they hire you.  The client that researched you is also doing their research once they leave your office.  You should star in that movie too.

This is a bit of an abstract mindset. The Cable Movie Mindset is the best way to understand the dramatic shift in the decision making process of your clients form the old Yellow Pages Mindset (decide there is a problem, look up a professional, call them) to how we decide and solve in the Internet Information Age.

The person who fulfills the Cable Movie Mindset will win time and time again.