Can you avoid the Social Media Trends for a day while working in Social Media?

Here in the evolveALOUD office we decide that, instead of watching todays Portugal vs Brazil World Cup game, that we’d record it and watch it later so that we could actually get some early morning work done. However, this causes a distinct problem:

Given the nature of our work, we have to regularly be on the internet, and social media websites such as twitter and Facebook. This makes it pretty difficult to avoid knowing the pace of the soccer game going on. For example: While setting up a new twitter account for a client, even though we weren’t watching any active streams, “Christiano Ronaldo” could be see as on of the top trending topics.

Could this mean that one of Portugal’s most talented player just made an outstanding play? Or does it just mean that the camera flashed by him and the hearts of millions of females around the world simultaneously melted?

A few minutes later twitter was over capacity a few times in succession. Given the frequent outages recently as a result of World Cup, this could mean that something major just happened in the game.

The challenge is on, as we continue to try to avoid the social media stream while social media marketing.