“Concepts, Not Keywords” – Why You Need to Tell a Story

In recent years, Google, as well as other search engines, have been making great strides to refine the way they find content on the internet and present it to users.

Google in specific, has become very intuitive. The search engine is slowly becoming better at not only figuring out what a user might want to know, based on their search; but also, what the concept of any given website is.

Let’s take, for example, a football team. When searching for the team’s name, Google will assume that certain pieces of information — such as the current roster, the team’s current standing, and upcoming games schedule — will be relevant to the user’s interests. Even if the search was not specifically “[Team] game tickets“, Google has learned enough about how people search to know that ticket information is part of the concept. You might, very possibly, be interested in seeing your favorite team play. Hence, Google will place a higher importance on a website that offers more related information, and a better informational experience, as opposed to just hunting for the keywords.

This is why, now more than ever, telling a story is important. You shouldn’t be asking yourself “What keywords can I use to label my company?” but rather, “What is the concept of my business? What is my story?”

As another example, a personal injury attorney could choose to pepper his biography page with the words “[City] personal injury attorney,” or he could choose to craft content that is relevant to the concept of a personal injury attorney. He could choose to offer relevant information on injury law, such as a blog post on how workers’ compensation is handled. He could reach out to past clients for testimonials and anecdotes about their accidents and how he helped them. He could choose to make a website that encompasses the concept of a personal injury attorney, all the way from slip and fall accidents to workplace injuries. In this case, by tackling a concept, he could find himself ranking not just “[City] personal injury attorney”, but for many other related searches.

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