Decorate Your Desk: Why a Personalized Workspace Can Help Relieve Stress

Humans are easily influenced. There I said it. And you know what? It’s okay. Because if there is one universal truth, life is stressful. If we can trick our minds into being calm, I am down with that. Today’s topic is about desk decorating.

After the shining glitter of a new job is gone, you sometimes need a pick-me-up during the more stressful times at work. One of the ways you can achieve this is with desk decoration. It has been proven with research that decorating your space in your office can decrease emotional exhaustion. By having some personal items around, it enables you to “cope more effectively with the interferences and distractions at work, and maintain the necessary energy needed to pursue […] work successfully.” With this new research filed under excuses to decorate my desk, I have been pondering on what to do with this space.

My office needs some white boards. I am a forgetful person and I like to write lists to compensate for that. When decorating your space one should remember items should be both be practical and whimsical . The space needs to work best for you. Practically I also need colored markers to be able to color code To-Do lists on importance while also providing stress relief by doodling on said whiteboard when I can’t stand staring at my screen anymore.

Letting form follow function a bit allows you to avoid most office faux-pas, such as being That Person. You know, the Dolores who has obnoxious kitten pictures on every space left on her desk. This is not to say there are some really cool non-functional offices. Having a kiddie ball pin in your office is amazing. Long term, I don’t see how it would continue to be helpful even mentally. But please don’t be That Person who has the office people snicker at when they pass.

This guy knows how to decorate his desk.

While I sit here pondering my office decoration, show me your office. You can tweet it, Facebook it, Instagram it – whatever you heart desires. Just add the #AuthenticOffice tag so you can show us your office swag.