Define Your Sales Process to Win More of Your Ideal Clients

Want to attract and close more clients, and get more referrals?  The best way to find opportunities to do this is to first define your sales process.  We work with many professionals, and most of them only think about one part for their marketing: the call.

Get enough calls and your business will be great, right?  Not really, because with more calls comes more work.  You have to qualify more clients and then you run the risk of losing out on your Ideal Clients: those big cases, those slam dunk patients, those customers that refer everyone they know to you.

To get the most out of your marketing, you must first define your Ideal Client’s buying process to identify opportunities to improve the quantity of quality calls.  In this week’s authenticACTION email, we will give you a document which will help you to identify your client’s buying process stages.

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P.S. Your client, the buyer, has a different process than you, the seller of your services. We will address this in an upcoming authenticACTION so make sure to mark those emails as “important” in your inbox. Spending 15 minutes a week to improve your business 167% is a no brainer.