Do You Want to Leave Footprints?

While leaving knowing who is coming to you site or blog is incredibly useful, do you want to let everyone know?

On one hand there is the school of thought that there is the social aspect of your website. For many this is a no brainer. If you run a great food blog or some other lifestyle associated site, creating a group and conversation is never easier than with things like Facebook Connect.

However, what if you are a divorce attorney or a plastic surgeon? There is the idea that this is a great way to let people know they are not alone in their situation. But what if they want to be alone, for now, and don’t understand how NOT to be seen? Will that deter a potential visitor from sniffing around your front door for information? Do you want to offer a place to meander your business without ten people saying “Hello, Can I help you?”

Where and at what point does the web become too social? The internet used to be a bit of an escape for me. Now it feels like walking into a crowded room.