Does your SEO company “guarantee” rankings?

As a sales consultant at authenticWEB I speak to both prospects and current clients regularly. During conversations with current clients one of the things I always ask is, “How is business?” In that same vein, when I speak to prospects I always ask, “What are your business goals?” At authenticWEB our focus is on results for our clients and in more than one instance I’ve had a prospect say that they’ve never been asked about their goals during a SEO consultation. Why is this?

We “Guarantee” You’ll be at the Top of Google Overnight!

Unfortunately, the SEO industry is known for being as full of charlatans as the used car industry is. Some unscrupulous SEO agencies make audacious claims such as, “we’ll get you to the top of Google overnight”! They prey upon business owners that don’t know much about SEO other than “keywords”. Here’s a fun fact. Did you know that Google made changes to its algorithm years ago that highly discounted the use of keywords? They called this the “OOPS” update – OOPS stands for “over-optimization penalties”.

The engineers at Google realized that people were gaming the system by filling their pages with tons of keywords (remember some sites that had a densely packed section of keywords?) so they nixed that from the algorithm. Now, content is king and authentic content trumps all.

Get out of The Yellow Pages Mentality

However, some people are still of the mindset that the internet is like the Yellow Pages. Remember how many companies you could find in the Yellow Pages that were named “Aardvark”? Now, “best” has replaced the double “a’s”. Best attorney. Best doctor. Best mechanic. These are the new aardvarks. This is what poor SEO concentrates on but what good does being number one for “best” anything really do for your business? What if your business was number one for “best ____” but your phone calls didn’t increase? Would you be satisfied with your SEO company?

How do people find your services?

This is precisely why we are more focused on results than we are rankings. While rankings are still important, results are what drive your business. So how does authenticWEB get results without being overly concerned with the rankings? Think of the last time you used the internet to research a purchase. Let’s use TVs as an example. You may type into Google, “What’s better, LCD or Plasma?” You read articles, blogs, look at examples, etc and then you narrow your search even more. Your next search might be, “best plasma TV”. Then you read the articles, blogs, and you may talk to friends about their TVs. Next, you may search for a plasma TV with a certain number of HDMI inputs or smart TV capabilities or any other number of parameters that you find important – can it hang on a wall, is glare a problem, what about burn-in, etc.

Do you see what happened during the course of that search? Each time the search became more focused and detailed based upon what was learned in previous searches. The search for “best” was near the very beginning and did not answer any questions that would lead to a purchase.

Your prospects are doing the exact same thing. They start broad and then narrow their searches until they find the precise answer or resource that they need. If you are there during the course of these searches answering their questions then they will eventually see you as the authority. So how do you show up for these searches? Content, and lots of it.

Custom SEO Strategy For Your Business

An integral part of our strategy is to listen our client’s business goals, analyze the search terms related to their business, and then create content that will answer their prospect’s questions. This strategy is tried and true for bringing quality clients to your business. Remember, SEO is not magic and it is not a shortcut. Good SEO relies on quality content and is a long-term strategy that evolves as you hone in on your ideal clients and what they are searching for.

We welcome you to contact us today for a free consultation. authenticWEB is an Orlando SEO Agency for Attorneys and Small Businesses Across the US. Let us go to work for you and help bring your goals to fruition.

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