Feeling overwhelmed? Have a meeting with yourself.

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During your busy work week, it’s easy to get caught up in the chaos. You have meetings, deadlines, small-but-necessary tasks – and while you accomplish a lot, you often feel frazzled and overwhelmed by the time Friday afternoon rolls around. How can you continue to stay productive and organized without letting things slip between the cracks or cause you to lose your mind?

The answer is simple: take the time each week to have a meeting with yourself.

No, seriously. Put it on your calendar and spend thirty minutes every week (I recommend Thursday afternoon or Friday morning) having a meeting with yourself. No interruptions, no one else. Don’t check your email during this time. Don’t answer anyone’s questions when they inevitably come knock on your office door. If you work from home, don’t walk your dog or do laundry. Just spend half an hour reviewing the last week, and preparing yourself for the upcoming one.

It will be easy to write this one off. “I have more important tasks to take care of,” you’ll think. “My clients / customers / employees / family need me now and I don’t have the time for this.”

In the beginning, you’ll feel this way. But if you really make it a habit and a priority to meet with yourself every week, you’ll discover:

  • You’re more¬†organized
  • You’re more focused
  • You can prioritize tasks more easily
  • You remember more details

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