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The Problems with Broadcasting Social Media

People always ask me how they can make their social media automatic to all channels, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. I too fall into the trap of wanting to broadcast.  Intuitively, it makes sense.  “Broadcast to enough people and the message will reach the right person.”

There are two problems there. Most businesses (incorrectly) use social media as an advertisement and the population is immune to advertisement. The second problem is that most businesses are vying for attention in an inundation of information from much more talented “interrupters”.

To be efficient in social media, you should cycle through these 6 Rules for Social Media. The most important of which is this, consummate.

When you make a social media relationship real, it forms a new bond.  The receiver will be more understanding and, in turn, you will understand them more.

How do I get more Facebook fans?

The other thing I am always asked is “How do I get more [fans:followers:friends:readers]?”  The answer to this question is also don’t broadcast, get personal.

Why do you want 1000 users?  To broadcast a message.  Why do you want to broadcast that message? To get that message across.  What’s the best way to get that message across?  Get personal and stop broadcasting.  Wouldn’t you prefer two out of 200 really got your message then 0 out of 1000?

The way to eliminate a lot of headaches of social media , and really get effective is to get as personal as possible.  Reach out and say “Hi” to one person.  (I am not talking about the people with whom you regularly speak.) Ask one person in your office how they use social media.   Go out of your way a little.  Send a thank you card for the reason of inspiration. Call one person and ask them how you can get them to be a loyal Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter follower.  What can you do for them?

Really talking to one person creates evangelists.  Connecting with one person in real life gives you feedback you will never get from simply broadcasting social media.

Don’t have time?  Yes you do. You just don’t see the value in it.  There is nothing more important than creating personal relationships.  Give it 10 business days, 5 minutes a day, and I bet you will see the value in foregoing the broadcast mindset list and getting personal.

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