Google Algorithm Updates — Don’t Panic, Have a Plan

“What will happen to my SERP rankings?”
“Will I have to overhaul my website, and optimize it for different keywords?”
“Will I lose costumers?”

These are just a few of the questions we receive from clients whenever an update to Google’s mysterious ways of doing search is announced.

It is a completely understandable fear. If Google is updating their system for organizing and ranking search results, it stands to reason that your current rankingsĀ could be affected.

Has Your SEO Expert Prepared You For This?

As we have mentioned before on our blog, a solid marketing strategy focuses on concepts, not keywords.

A great SEO and marketing expert does not just chase keywords and rankings. They will work with you and your business, and create a solid strategy that can withstand Google’s updates.

How can you achieve this?

  • Create an identity for your business. Does that fast-food chain need to sprinkle the keywords “delicious hamburgers” all over their website? Do you even need to search for “hamburgers” to find them, or are they so ubiquitous that you’ve already realized who we meant*? When your business leaps past the competition with a brand of it’s own — a unique story — keywords might not matter so much. *Spoiler alert — “they” don’t even show up on the first page for “hamburger”, save for local results!
  • Find a concept, not a keyword. When your business is associated with a concept, you can withstand a change in ranking for a specific keyword. In the case of the fast-food joint, would it really hurt their business if their rankings for “bacon and cheese burger” dropped a few places? Hardly. Their branding has become so ingrained into the concept of an inexpensive, quick burger that it will still be one of the first options people will come up with, regardless of how they rank in search.

A Story-Based Strategy Can Help You Weather Changes In the SEO Game.

When you have a strong, solid strategy — a story that keeps you in people’s minds — weathering the storm becomes much easier. You have made a brand for yourself, far beyond keywords. You have created authentic marketing that resonates with your ideal clients, and that is something no algorithm update can take away from you.