Have a Question Ask Facebook

Facebook has become the all encompassing site to find out what people are up to and where they might be going. Now in order to harness all of what Facebook’s members are talking about and what they think one can soon ask Facebook for that answer.

Through a new “question dashboard” any user will be able to simply type in a question and get feedback. With this new feature a tagging option will be installed to get the best results for the inquiry.

Some say that this is the largest release for Facebook to date, now when you are asking a question you are asking the world. It has also been noted that all the questions asked are public but representatives of the social media site have said that there will be a pop up window clearly explaining the terms of the tool.

This also means that Facebook will have even more control of searchable public information. Furthermore this means that their is more room for ad targeting.

There are already plenty of Q&A services out there but now Facebook has thrown there hat into the ring. Simply put, if you have a question ask Facebook.