Authentic Web Marketing loves Transparency (and the success that follows)

Transparency is the buzz word of 2009.

With AIG, Bernard Madoff and the entire financial industry have duped the world of millions of dollars. The population wants to know all of the doings of every company.  All of our pasts (and present) are quickly becoming a simple Google Search Away. The internet revolution has taken hold and the truth in some form or another always comes out.

To be beneficially tranparent, business must be genuine about its actions and goals in online conversations.    Rating Sites  like RateMD, Yelp, and AVVO as well as the throngs of established social media sites from Facebook to groups  encourage honest and often emotional web discussions.  Doctors, Lawyers, Accountant, Sales Representatives and all other professionals are now accountable to the internet mob. Dell and Jetblue are among the Large Corporations that have been taken down by a single blog post.  On the other hand brands like Skittles and Chrysler have had huge increases in visibility because of great social media campaigns. Oh, and there was that Obama guy.

Authentic Web Marketing participates in this conversation.  My belief is that any business that does it’s job well and enjoy its clients can take grow with the internet and having a voice in the electronic discussion. If a message rings true and is properly spread, it will resound and reverbrate through great search engine results, Facebook posts, email forwards and the gospel of evangelist bloggers.  By laying the proper groundwork for your business online you can take advantage of the need for transparency now.  A great, authentic message may also stay intact and even progress as the internet continues its rapid evolution.

If you truly believe you have a great business and cultivated even one customer that loves the services you perform, then Authentic Web Marketing is for you.  Gone are the days of having wait for the next luncheon to network and hope someone will be interested.  No longer do the top results on Google for a single term get all of the business or does the person with the biggest billboards win.  Weeks, not years become  the time a professional can make (or break) their reputation.  Authentic Web Marketing is about a quality conversation and having a core mission to build your internet presence around.


Web Marketing™ is

  • being genuine
  • maintaining true vision in how you present yourself on the web
  • knowing your ideal clientele
  • finding out what your clients are saying about your business and industry
  • having honest conversations
  • cultivating all of these seeds on the fertile internet by using the right tools for your business
  • contributing to the on and offline community
  • building a community of customer evangelists and rewarding them with further hard work

The paths to transparency include Websites, Twitter, Facebook, Social Bookmarking, Blogs, review sites, Online Reputation Management and many other social media outlets.  A little effort mixed with know-how and you will be in the right search engine results and the topic of great online conversations

However,  if you are doing it for the wrong reasons, your business is in it for the short run.  The keys are  asking if you like what you do and do it well, then asking who your clients are, where are they and what do they want.  Find continuously better ways to answer those questions, transparency, authenticity and success are sure to follow.

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