Helpful Tips for Successful Video Editing.

When it comes down to editing any type of video, regardless of quantity or subject matter the trick to great video lies within your organization. Whether it’s one video project or 10+ video projects; every video editor worth their grain of salt will tell you that organization is essential and with very good reason. When you are organized with your projects and materials, you will be saving yourself from wasting time scrambling around trying to find particular items or materials; which will ultimately lead to faster edits.

  • At the very beginning of each project, make sure to pick the correct sequence setting based on the camcorder that you used to film your project. If you filmed with an AVCHD HD camera then select a sequence setting that is setup for AVCHD HD filming that uses the same pixil ratio and fps(frames per second) as your camera.
  • Categorize all materials into proper bins or folders. For example all B-roll should be contained in the B-Roll folder; images in the images folder.
  • Rename each footage based on its’ content as you’re reviewing all the footage you have for your project. This way, several days into the project, you will be able to tell at quick glance what it is you have and do not have. That way you will not be waisting time re-watching the same footage over and over again .
  • If you have a lot of a particular type of footage create a sub folder inside of the main folder for it. For example if you have a lot of B-roll dealing with accidents, then create a folder called ‘accidents’ inside of the B-roll folder.

Depending on the quantity of materials you have for a project, reviewing all the footage can take quite a bit of time; but in the end once everything is organized, doing the tedious tasks now will save you countless time in editing headaches when it gets closer to your anticipated deadline.

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