How Launching Your (Quick) Site Today Can Help Your SEO

Taking pride in one’s work is a great quality to have as a professional. When it comes to your website, you might feel like it needs to be perfect before the world can see it. After all, you wouldn’t walk into court without first making sure you have gathered everything you need to win the case!

The problem is, launching a website is different from presenting a court case.  The internet is an ever-changing, evolving aspect of our society. It is, actually, highly recommendable that your website be continuously improved and updated.

Google Needs To Know Your Website Exists!

While the myth that Google ranks older pages higher is still going around, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why older websites oftentimes rank high — the longer your website is around, the more it will interact with other websites. This will lead to more people spreading your content around, passing it on, and linking to you — which will, in turn, boost your credibility with Google.

This means, the quicker you get your site out there, the sooner it’ll start gaining this kind of authority. This also means, the longer you wait until your website is “perfect” in order to launch it, the more valuable time you’re missing.

The Value Of The Quicksite

One service we offer at authenticWEB is the “Quicksite”. This is an inital version of your website with a simple design, the most important written content, and basic optimization. The reason why we offer this should now be obvious — the Quicksite is meant to help your site “age”, while we keep working on the final design. Getting this preliminary version of your site out as fast as possible helps us get your name out there. With a website already up, others can start linking to your content — and quality back links are one of the foundations of SEO.

Don’t Over-think It, Improve It!

Don’t fret if your first draft (or Quicksite!) looks “too simple” — as mentioned earlier, the internet is an ever-changing thing, constantly improving. Your website can, and should, be the same. Google favors websites that strive to stay accurate and relevant, so frequent updates — and even the occasional design overhauls — are a good thing.

Moral of the story is: get your website out there, strive for fresh, quality content, and don’t be afraid to change and improve.

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