I’m not going to tell you why you should have a Facebook Fanbox on your Website

I’m not going to tell you why you should have a Facebook Fanbox on your Website

I’ m not going to tell you why.

Your Friends Are.
Science is.
Evolution is.
Dr. Robert Cialdini is going to tell you why you should have a Fanbox.

Humans survived for this long for two reasons: An evolved brain (Prefrontal Cortex) and ingrained social behaviors. (Well , three if you count the lack of dinosaurs)

Although your business’s website is probably not necessary for human survival you can still use these drivers to improve the effectiveness of said website.

Social proof [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_Proof] is the idea that our need to follow the herd can sway our decisions at a subconscious level. Social proof has been proven so effective that entire experiments had to be cancelled because of causing dangers. Have you ever NOT looked up in the sky when others were?

Robert Cialdini, the master of science of influence, calls social proof one of his “Six Weapons of Influence. In his book, “Yes, “50 proven Ways to Be Persuasive”

Cialdini shows strong evidence that even the hint of a group of people on a sign or verbage implying a group of people can sway decision making.

So what if you see pictures of real people when you are trying to make a decision? Do you think you are going to be more inclined to “look up in the air” ? What about if you were to see pictures of your friends and family making these decisions?
How many restaurants have you gone to, doctors have you seen, products have you bought because someone else in your social circle said to?

So the Facebook Fanbox is pictures of real people that “like” your business on Facebook. If the visitor is logged into Facebook, it will display the people that they know that “like” your business.

Here is our Facebook Fanbox

I guess the only question is, do you want one of Dr. Robert Cialdini’s Six Weapons of Influence Working for you 24 hours a day in the most important place for your business, your website?