The Importance of Working as a Team

Website Designer vs. Website Developer

Lately I have noticed a trend among many articles, saying that designers or developers don’t need each other. That it is better to learn the others job than work together to create a website. That somehow these two “factions” are to be pitted against each other and fight to the death for their ‘side’. To be frank, this is preposterous. It is possible to live in harmony, after all our team at authenticWeb has designers, developers, videographers and content writers, all working together. Though don’t get me wrong, these specific sides have tough jobs and might have to ‘correct’ the other in their job to get their side perfect.

What’s Wrong with Website Designers?

The major complaint about Web Designers in these articles are finicky about the design and layout. When one is developing a plethora of web pages, it may seem daunting to move and fix many small parts when the whole is so much more important deadline wise. But as many come to find out, layout is important. A/B testing has allowed web developers to see truly how much. A little change can make all the difference with leads. The website Which Test Won has pages of how little changes made all the difference.

What’s the Issue with Website Developers?

On the other hand, Web Developers tend to earn a poor reputation of being uncaring nay-sayers. When spending time designing a website, it is frustrating to be told, “No, your design is not possible.” Even more so when they don’t seem to be putting as much effort into re-creating your design as you did making it. But in many cases, there is reason for these emphatic ‘No’s.The Developer is facing both the deadlines and has to make sure the website is actually functional. While some designs are fantastic visually, they are a bear to load. They can take a website that loads in seconds to a website that takes a lifetime to load. This is important in converting a window shopper to an actual customer, as 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Why We All Need to Get Along

Choosing a firm with a team instead of a group of individuals is important. In order to have a properly working website, there must be teamwork. That way both “factions” work cohesively to create a beautiful, function website.