Increasing Productivity: Templates & Custom Tasks

ManyMoon in April, implemented a great new tool for customizing and creating Templates and Custom Tasks within their project management software.  As a company, we rely heavily on systems to operate our businesses efficiently. As we grow, the methods we used and systems we implement, have to be communicated to support stuff and new hires.  In communicating these processes, although important, we lose precious time that could be spent on building the business or progressing on a project.

Creating templates and custom tasks reduce the time for training and effectively shorten the learning curve for everyone.  Assuming many operations in your business are repeatable, a template gives step-by-step instructions on how you produce a certain piece of a project.  The return for spending a few hours on creating templates is tremendous.  You can produce consistent results, reduce the learning curve, repeat processes without reteaching your system, and ultimately gain more time to work on what’s important, building your business!