The Learning to Play The Instrument Mindset

Have you ever learned to play an instrument?

Have you learned an art form?

I am sure in your profession you have learned multiple techniques. If not, I am sure you have played some of the newer more complex video games.  In either case, multiple techniques are required to become proficient.  You improve each aspect of each technique.

In playing an instrument, you have to learn rhythm, melody, body positioning.  There are basic techniques that you are always building upon.

The same goes for marketing and using the internet.  Instead of trying to do everything at once, think of each part as a technique.

Writing content for the web, being on video, creating strategies, utilizing the Six Rules of Social Media, The Six weapons of influence, are all techniques.  Cycle through each of the and continue to get better.

Who knows?  One day you might be the Mozart of Marketing.