Are you making these 3 major mistakes while creating your website?

While creating your business’s website, you could be making three major mistakes costing you your potential clients.

Measure twice, cut once

When designers are laying out your website, they are trying to figure out the optimal way to draw the eye to your important content. If they are unaware of what is important to your business and what content they are designing for, they are unable to fully anticipate where your content should be to attract your customers to you. By making sure to measure out the content, you should be able to create a well balanced flow with that first cut.

The perfection in imperfection

While not making your site live with spelling issues and a cheap design plan is important, it is also important to make yourself relevant. Waiting can often give others to opportunity to become a user’s source of information. So by just having the basics ( The Who What When Where and Why’s of your business) in a decent design can start attracting your audience while you work on getting it just right. In fact this gives you an opportunity to find what is perfect for YOUR audience and not what you thought was perfect. A/B testing allows you to continually check your website and see what attracts more attention to your business.

Rome wasn’t built in a day

A website is like your body; you can’t expect to immediately gain a perfect beach body in a day. It takes continual effort. You have to diet off bloating code, beef up your site with well written content and exercise different campaigns to attract visitors to get your website. It might take quite a bit of work to get your website in tiptop shape. But all that effort, when done correctly, gives amazing results.