The Malaysian Mindset

This blog post has nothing to do with Malaysia, except the airliner. It’s been missing for some time.

I would have to say possibly entering a cold war with Russia is globally more important than figuring out where this plane is. Yet, the world is still more intrigued by the mysterious disappearance.

This story, and the attention surrounding it, gives us a perfect example of narrative power of the brain. Since we have no resolution to the Malaysian airplane mystery, our brain cries out for an answer. Cognitive Dissonance occurs. Our narrative must be solved. Our world must be made whole again.

The narrative, as discussed in McRaney’s Book “You Are Now Less Dumb” is how we cope with the world. If something lies outside of our narrative, the story we tell ourselves, we fight to resolve it. I am hoping by now you figured out what this has to do with mindset. To salve your internal narrative, here you go.


If you can tell a great story that lies within a potential client or current client’s narrative, you will win. The closer your story specifically aligns with their narrative, the better you are.

The term storytelling seems childish. We see demonstrated in the Malaysian incident, in the girl trapped in the well, and in hundreds of other “viral” stories, humans cannot resist making story line up with our narrative.

When you tell a compelling story, you trigger the most human of responses. You are literally flooding chemicals into the brain that cannot be resisted.

The great part is, once you form a great story, the technology bumps, the information overload, all get in line.

Instead of giving dry details about the benefits of working with you, tell some stories this week. Listen for the stories that align with you.