ManyMoon: What tasks have your members completed? | evolveALOUD

I was recently confronted with the problem of figuring out what tasks my project team had completed.  ManyMoon has many amazing features to keep you organized but its main drop down menus do not sort by both TEAM MEMBER NAMES & COMPLETED TASKS.  It’s either or.  Sorting by Member displays open tasks broken down by individual members.  A Completed task sort, from the home page, displays all completed tasks for yourself or “others” for all projects.  So HOW DO YOU FIND COMPLETED TASKS FOR INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS?

1) On the left menu column, Select ‘Connections’

ManyMoon Connections Button

2) Select a member

3) Select the “Shared Tasks” button


4) On the task menu, Select the ‘Completed’ option in the drop-down menu