Marketing your video for International Viewers

It’s natural to want to increase your audience globally on the web and in all honesty, that is a smart move to make. The more audience you reach the better of a success your social media campaigne will be. The only problem would be the ever present language barrier. It is true that posting something online like YouTube for example, will gain you traffic that you would have never thought possible. The thing that will be the deciding factor is, will your video be able to be understood by someone who doesn’t speak your language fluently?

Depending on the type of video this could be a hurdle. If you are working on a SFX action video with killer impact and engaging music then I don’t see a problem. Action does speak louder than words in most cases and if shot right the video can be infured pretty well. On the other hand something that is highly speech and text driven may have a bit of a challenge when trying to market to a foreign audience.

But not all is lost. Their are ways can be used to get around these hick-ups and some are virtually free. Google translate is a free service that you can use, but be precocious. This is not a fool proof plan here. Like all translating software, it’s not going to get every phrase perfectly translated for you and deliver it in a neat and tidy package. In fact there are phrases and sayings that just cannot be translated accurately.

So what else can you do? Find a native speaker that is willing to help you translate your videos for you. If you have a friend up to the task, hooray for you, that means you are one step closer to reaching your goal, otherwise you can go about hiring a translator. Preferably someone who is from the region of the world you are trying to cater too, or who knows the language. The reason I say someone who is currently living in the area is because they are more familiar with the localisation and lingo. Thus, it will be more native and authentic to the people who live there instead of someone trying to pretend that they are from the area.

Aside from that, here are some things to also consider when translating your videos for another language:

  • Consider making channels that are geared for and are specific to that language or country – For example if the company that I work for decided to make videos for South Korea and Australia. We could make new YouTube channels called evolveALOUDSKorea and evolveALOUDAustralia. One thing to keep note of, is that what we as English speakers would call one country may not be what the natives would call their contry. Example in English we call the country of Spain, well Spain, however for fluent speakers and natives of the Spain, they call it España.  This also goes with Germany which natives call Deutschland, and Japan which is called 日本(Nihon or Nippon) respectively by native speakers.
  • Optimization is key – Optimize everything on you channel’s from Bio’s all the way down to your tags and comments  in the language that channel is geared for. Do not shortchange this or cut corners. Give as much if not more attention as you would your home channel. Like SEO and search rank is important to you in English, search rank and SEO will be important in the foreign language your channel is marketing for.
  • Use Adwords to weigh out your competition – Let’s face it, the foreign market is the new frontier, with competition being small at the moment. When you’ve translated your information, test out the waters and see how you’re doing. You never know where your potential clientele and optimal demo-graph will be.

With the power of the internet and with strong SEO, you can really conquer a lot of ground and really take the helm to gaining your niche market. You can even have hidden potential with prospective new clients. If expanding your customer bases is important to you, why not give translating your information to a new language a try.



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