Measure ROI: Ask Permission, Then Pointed questions in a less than expected place

Online Marketing ROI measurement is becoming increasingly ambiguous. However television marketing has always been intangible when it comes to ROI. They have to create Nielsen reports to measure viewership (that’s changing now with digital cable).

JetBlue has worked hard to change their reputation on and offline. I recently flew Jet Blue down to Orlando and had a great overall experience. Normally my flights are unremarkable, so when someone asks me how my flight was , I give the obligatory “fine”.

The Best Online Survey

This time it was all around memorable, so when a follow up questionnaire came, I was excited to give positive news. (I strongly object to the amount of negative responses proliferated throughout the web even though sometimes necessary)

First, JetBlue asked permission after ONE question. That made me eager to reciprocate. Then after two easily filled out questions, this came up

Right in the middle a pointed marketing ROI question!

Right in the middle a pointed marketing ROI question!

They quietly and effectively slipped in a question about a seemingly unrelated ad for the new Verizon Netbook. Wow, not only a pointed question that made me think a little after already imagining the tv, it’s another form of marketing. The only way this could backfire if the surveyee had a horrible experience on JetBlue or the TVs were not working.

Where can I engage and survey my clients?

Be thinking amount where you can engage your clients about their experience with you. When is the best time for the survey? Ask permission and ask pointed questions!