New Site launched for Basati

We are excited to announce the launch of the new website for Basati. The team at Basati came to us to give their site a new look and create a new way to bring in leads. Our developers were excited to work on this project and put together a customized template through WordPress.

basati homepage

Attention Grabbing Design

The group at Basati wanted to quickly grab the user’s attention upon landing on their site. Our team developed a compelling overview video to display at the top of their page to accomplish this. Underneath the video we show off a little of their humor with the definition of their company. The calls to action are always visible on the site to make sure that potential clients can easily get in touch with someone. We were also able to vary some of the calls to action based on the user in order to generate better potential leads.

Visible Branding

Most companies we work with already have some type of branding. We take special care to make sure this brand is visible after the redesign. Our developers designed a honeycomb section to showcase the services Basati offers. This design is very visible to the users while staying true to their brand.

Basati Services

About Basati

Basati partners with companies from the very smallest businesses to large, publicly traded corporations, making sure they are successful with Salesforce and related technologies. Using a customized, sprint based methodology, they reduce project cycle time, achieve superior results, and prevent costly surprises for their client/partners.