Online Digital Marketing Predictions for 2015

A lot has been speculated over the years on where brands will flourish as well as finding  the best ways to predict what trends to follow in order to succeed in the future. created a nicely animated video in 2012 caturing what the expectations for the future of Online Digital Marketing were anticipated to be in 2015 . So these are their predicted events in online digital marketing by 2015:

  • Internet use will be bigger with global mobile users over desktop users estimating at 788 million users.
  • Mobile app revenue will jump from $2.200 Million to $37.500 million
  • The explosion of video on the internet will be more personal and social but less familiar
  • Home appliances will be more connected digitally
  • Cloud Services

There are so many other fun, interesting facts listed in the video. It’s really fun to see how a lot of these predictions were so accurate or where they changed. I find information like this completely fascinating. At authenticWEB, we strive to keep up to date with the trends to help keep our clients moving forward towards their goals. If you need assistance with your business give us a call today, 1-800-WEB-4PRO.