Planning a Viral Video may not always be the best Marketing option for your Business!

A lot of businesses trying to sell their wares online are mainly geared to promote their products by trying to create their own viral videos. Now do not get me wrong, getting a viral video for your business campaign is awesome! I get that. But in all honesty, exactly how many videos are uploaded to YouTube per minute? Roughly 48 hours of video content a minute! 2 days worth of video a minute. And exactly what are the chances that your video will outshine and beat all of the other videos for that viral spotlight? Very slim to dismal frankly.

So yes the odds are quite bad, but a lot of campaigns spend a lot of time and effort painstakingly planning each of their video campaigns to be the next big viral break. But what a lot of them do not realize or are forgetting is that instead of working on building the viral video, they should focus and build a campaign that will help reach their intended niche market viewers. That way people who will want to buy their product will go out and buy it.

You should also, make a video that you would want to watch yourself! Honestly if you spend your time working on a video with a fine tooth comb and don’t even like what you are creating, chances are it will show in your videos. Why? Because you have no interest in it. Period. And just like you, people want to escape from reality, be entertained and have fun! A video that is planned from the beginning to become the next viral video, will falter, look fake and will ultimately ruin your campaign.

So what can you do instead?

Create a video for your campaign that will interest you but also focuses and highlights your product. Show the viewer why they should care about your product. Tell them why they need it, but do it in a way that if you were watching the video at home and had no idea what the product was about, the video would make you want to watch the video again and again. This will in turn make the viewer want to either buy the product or show it to someone they know would be interested in said product.

Don’t plan step by step¬† a viral video. This is a recipe for failure. Make something worth watching and who knows, in the end the video may very well turn viral and you didn’t have to spend all that time wasting away trying to make it something that it was not. Viral videos are hard to achieve and even harder to plan out to achieve. They are chance encounters. The best way to achieve it is to not even try. A great example of this are the people for Orabrush.

They created their campaign with the idea of having a party and the whole web was invited. How cool is that?! They spent their time making videos that they wanted to see themselves and it paid off. Because if you make something that you love, you want to share it, and others may in fact want to watch it with just as much passion as you do and find some interest in it as well. Which made me realize that a lot of the successful campaigns and YouTube Channels are made with this very motif in mind. So lets have fun making video campaigns everybody!

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